Seasoned Servants

Our team of servants collectively bring to the table a substantial variety of attributes conducive to effective service. We are committed, authentic, empathetic servants who assume an awesome responsibility to those who depend on us.  Every servant has a story of her own that justifies her reason for serving and informs of her responsibility to share that story to help heal others.
We do our very best to exemplify the true essence of servanthood.

Nichole M. Jenkins
Nichole M. Jenkins
Founder – President

Nichole M. Jenkins, Founder of Women of G.E.M.S. organization. Nichole is a zealous Sr. IT Business Analyst and Project Management professional flourishing in managing infrastructure strategies and adapting to new technologies that  transform the world every day. She acquires her inspiration by investing and making a difference in the lives of others as well as exposing people to their inner potential and their abilities to create happiness in their lives. Nichole enjoys spending time with her sons and GlamBaby, traveling the world, writing and helping others achieve their goals, which brings her inner peace. Nichole never underestimates the power she has and the inspiration she offers.

Darlene Webb
Darlene Webb
Director of Logistics

Geraldine Webb is a retired professional who served the United States government in the Department of Veterans Affairs as the Director of Health and Human Services for over 42 years. Geraldine, affectionately known as “Darlene” worked for numerous departments of the government, and earned several awards and recognition during her tenure at Hines V.A. Hospital. Darlene is inspired to give back to the communities because it makes her heart happy and she looks forward to doing her part to make the world a better place for the younger generations, one action at a time. She enjoys cooking, decorating, taking care of her elderly mother and spending time with her family. Darlene is always doing something to keep herself busy!

Diane R. Perry
Diane R. Perry
Director of Communications

Diane R. Perry is a committed Operations Project manager with 10 years of experience in the Healthcare industry.  Additionally, she is the owner and senior artistic designer of Taylore’ Made Artistry & Designz, a graphic design and custom apparel company.  Diane is a dedicated professional who is a passionate and unwavering giver in all that she does.  Her inspiration to serve comes from acknowledging how her life could have resulted, compared to how God has allowed her life to progress thus far.  She sincerely desires to help those who are in need. Diane enjoys spending time with family, working out, traveling, watching football, but most of all, enjoys seeing others happy.

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